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What I've been doing.

2013-10-12 21:11:05 by ArtyArty

I login when I really need to, I mainly watch Newgrounds like a normal visitor. I've been visiting this site 5 years before making my account back in '07. Old habits die hard. ;)


2012-06-30 00:27:40 by ArtyArty

Earlier Comment:
Adobe Flash is officially crap! I down graded from version 11.3.300.262 and it keeps updating itself. I can't watch shit with it!

Answer to my comment: Just posting this if anyone else happen to find my profile and they too have the same problem yer-113-crash-mozilla.html


2012-06-25 23:35:33 by ArtyArty

I haven't logged in for over 2 years strait, new record. Thought they'd delete my account by now, lol. It's good to be back, newgrounds animations / art/ music are the best things that inspires me. Keep it coming.

Happy holidays again.

2009-12-23 21:45:55 by ArtyArty

This year has been crazy, and nothing went as planned. :] I wish you all a prosperous New Year. Anything and everything will work out, just don't give up!

Happy holidays.

2008-12-21 11:25:49 by ArtyArty

I say Happy Holidays to cover every and any holiday everyone; if anyone reads this, that you guys celebrate. Hope you have a fun time.

I didn't know...

2007-09-27 22:45:57 by ArtyArty

I didn't know asking the author something about their work was a crime. It's not like I told them "Go to hell" or "You suck." The only thing I asked the authors; whom I will not mention, is "Why is this for adults?" and "What's the point of this?"